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January in Iowa

What do you do in Iowa when it's 12 degrees and gloomy? 

Go tracking!!



Moving right along:

That field, by the way, turned out to be absolutely mashed down with footprints. It looked like maybe someone was playing football out there--not a big surprise as it's right outside a dorm). Blue did a great job.
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Working dog!! I love a working dog.
If it's tracking, he works. Other times it all depends on whether or not there is a good bush to pee on.
"Go tracking" would not have been my first response.

Or my third or fourth.

Or my twentieth or thirtieth.

But yay tracking! Blue looks very dedicated.
Good thing you live down there in the south land then. Also, I think it would be hard to get a cat to track. They would look at you and go--you've got to be kidding.