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Wide Open Cover

Yes, exactly.  I am that person who hasn't posted anything in, like, forever and am about to post about my book.  But I'm doing it anyway.

I do intend to get back to somewhat more regular posting. Really.  I promise.

In the meanwhile, I have a cover :)  A really awesome cover.

For my novel WIDE OPEN, which will be coming out on March 13, 2012:



Very pretty! Yay!
It IS pretty! Thanks :)
ME too!! :)
Go ahead, be "that person". You have a cover!! And what an excellent blurb...
Isn't it a lovely blurb? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)
I would pick this up even if I knew nothing of the book. Win, win, win!
You are totally the reader I want!! :)
GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!
Thank you!! I'm very pleased with it :)
Oh wow, that's gorgeous.

It must feel odd to be so far out in front of readers. The book they'll soon be buying (ie, the one BEFORE this one) is long gone from your mind.
This is the first one. I'm not that far out in front :)
But I thought we already saw the first cover. Sigh. I must be more confused than I thought. I need coffee.
Now THAT is a cover for a ghost story! So great.
It is! I'm looking forward to seeing it on an actual book.
Oh, wow. That is gorgeous - and the quote from Patricia Briggs is killer! Congratulations!
Thanks! I really like it! Isn't that a great quote :)
That is a most awesome cover. I would definitely pick that one off the shelf.
YAY! Then it is doing its job :) :)
This looks even better on my laptop than it did on my tiny phone's screen! BTW, who is the artist?
Thanks, Eugene!

I don't know who the artist is, but I'm also curious. I need to ask.