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Conversations with My Dog

Blue: I am DYING!

Me: No you're not.  You're hungry.

Blue: Pretty sure you're wrong.  Pretty sure I'm DYING!

Me: [because it's supper time]  Here, eat.

Blue: I can't eat, I'm DYING!


Blue: I think I'm going to puke

Me: No puking.

Blue: Yes because I'm DYING!

Me: Don't puke.  You're not dying.

Blue: Fine, but you'll be sorry later.

Me; Not if you don't puke.


Me: Here's your breakfast

Blue: I can't eat breakfast.  I'm DYING!

Me: Okay fine.

Blue: DYING!!

[Lunch time]

Blue: I'm STARVING!  Why do you never feed me!


I don't understand how you can make jokes when BLUE ALMOST DIED. You heartless, heartless woman.
That's what Blue says!

Of course, he forgets the part where I pick him up and let him sit in my lap while he's DYING.
Aw, poor Blue! Clearly, his life is rough. :}
Rofl. My dog and I have this conversation every morning.