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Writing. Because what else would someone do on a Friday night in January.

This is my summary for Chapter 7, scene 2:
  • Hallie needs things to do
  • Life sucks without Dell or the Army
  • To the horse barn to clean tack
  • Boyd arrives
  • Good god, is he cute


I think Hallie and Boyd need to get down and heavy in that horse barn.
Sadly, things don't always turn out the way Boyd and Hallie wish they would.
The last time I saw Boyd and Hallie, they were in a horse barn. I guess that's the place to be on a Friday night in January.
That's the place to be anytime! :)
HA! There aren't any horses in this fictional horse barn, though there are some nearby.
I think this is the last scene you read. I'm revising :)
Someday we will have the answer to that all important question!